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Pest control Rats in Attics.

Updated: Apr 24

Rats in Attics
Rats in Attics

Pest control Rats in attics. Every day we get calls regarding pest issues, and up to thirty percent of these calls are based on home owners not sure if they have a pest ( rat or mouse) in their attic.

If you hear a noise in you're attic, there is a simple way to determine if its a rodent.

1) Does the noise you're hearing in the attic move around, or does it stay in one location. If it stays in one location, and that location is very close to the external walls, it could be a bird.

2) What times do you hear this noise, if its late at night, or early in the moring, and you do not hear this noise any other time, it is more likley a bird.

3) To be completly sure, if you place a bar of chocolate on a plate, and place it in the attic, and go and check it 24hours later, and the chocolate has not been touched, and you have verified points 1) and 2), the noise you're hearing in the attic is most likely a bird.

4) If it is a bird, there is little you can do, as birds can not be removed from a property from March to October. The birds will leave in their own time.

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