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Not sure if you have a rodent in you're home???

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

We get phone calls every day, from home owners asking us if they have a rodent in their home. The client is not sure in most cases, as there is sometimes a faint smell, or they have found what they belive to rodent droppings in the home.

So, this post will try and give you some pointers on how to determin if you have a problem.

1) Faint smell: if you are getting this order, check you're bath, shower and sink plug holes, as stagnent water can cause this smell. Simply pour bleach down the plug hole with boiling water. If smell continues, it could be rodent urine you are smelling.

2) Rodent droppings: If you find, what you belive to be rodent droppings, the droppings should be in areas people can not walk ( like under you're kitchen sink or underneath you're couch)

The reason we are telling you this is, if you or maybe the kids in you're home play on astro turf or on a muddy surface, the foot wear they have on can compress on astro turf and mud, and when home, the particles can dislodge and leave what looks like rodent droppings.

3) Simple D.I.Y test you can do to find out if you do have rodents in you're home:

Get a dinner plate, put baking flour on plate, then place a piece of chocolate in centre of plate and place plate where ever you think you have rodent activity. Once you have put plate in the possibe problem area, check it 24hrs later. If you have rodents, the chocolate will be gone.

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