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Kildare County Council Pest Control

Updated: Mar 27

Rat control
Rat control

The control and eradication of pests such as rats, mice, and insects are crucial as they not only cause significant discomfort but also pose health risks. The Environmental Health Office (HSE) holds legal authority to address infestations on premises or land; however, the responsibility to eliminate rodents from a property primarily lies with its occupant.

To assist the public with this task, the Environmental Health Service has developed an informational brochure outlining steps to address existing rodent issues and providing preventive measures to avoid infestations. Given that rodent problems often arise from disturbances during construction activities, a separate brochure has been created specifically for those in the construction sector.

For inquiries or assistance from the Environmental Health Office (HSE Naas), please contact 045 920267/920208.

IMPORTANT: If KCC cannot help, Give us a call.

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