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Ants in you're home

If you discover ants in you're home, you will probably want the services of a pest company. You may also want to try and have a go you're self, so keep reading.

If you discover ants in you're home, and want to try D.I.Y ( do it you,re self) you will need to observe the ants and where they are first sighted, ( Example you,re kitchen) this is where you need to concentrate you,re efforts.

You can try spraying 800ml liquid ant spray, aiming the spray under the skirting boards, spraying behind the kick boards of you,re kitchen presses.

Once this is done, place ant bait stations along area you have sprayed.

Lastly, when treating outside, use ant powder along the area where you,re external walls meet the foot path that goes around you,re home.

Always wear protective gloves and face masks when using pest chemicals as even the amature based products can be harmful to human health.

If you want to use a pest control company like ours, we will go through the pest plan with you, and put the best plan in place to make sure you and other people in the property are safe, as the chemicals pest control companies use are at least ten times stronger than amature based products.

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