Ultrasonic Repellers

We get many of our customers asking if we can get them ultrasonic repellers, ones that actually emitt a sonic sound. So we have tested alot of ultrasonic devices, and what the tests showed was that over 70% of ultrasonics on sale do not emitt any sonic frequency at all. 

So the ultra sonic repeller we have hits the short wavelenght, high frequency sound waves of 40kHz. So the next question we had to ask was, do Ultrasonic devices work.

We tested these devices for weeks, and the answer is yes.

First, it takes up to three weeks for the ultrasonic devices to work. The reason is mice and rats are creatures of habit, and will continue to enter your property if there is food available. So you must keep all food sealed up, No bits of food on the floor from kids dinner time, and all rubbish in bins, not in black sacks, stored on the floor area.

Once food has been removed, the second habit of rodents is your property being used for shelter. This is where the ultrasonic repellers work. When rodents are searching for food, or eating food, they will ignore pretty much everything, but when not searching for food, or eating in your property, they will be holding up in the nest area they have established. The ultrasonic repeller will be working on our un-invited guests while they sleep, or while they are building their nest area. The frequency is the first thing they will hear when they wake up, and the last thing they hear when trying to sleep. Over three weeks, the mice will leave, and your property will be pest free.

Once the mice or rats have left, its up to you to find out how they got into your property, and seal up the entry / exit points so you do not get new rodents coming in.


We have also found that only using one or two ultrasonic devices wont work, you need at least three.


Currently, we are only offering our devices in Dublin and Wicklow.

Text 087-4116000 to make your order. 

Price covers delivery.


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