Pest Control Kits from €69


Pest Control Kits are only suitable for a home where only one or two mice, or a singular rat has been sighted inside the property. This is a DIY pest kit, You are responsible for its safe use.

If you have sighted a single mouse or rat in your home, and feel a full on pest control plan is too much for what you are looking for, Pest Control Kits might be what you need.

We have kits starting from €69 to €89 ( Pest kits can go higher in price, just depends if you require more equipment).

Our kits are very effective for minor problems where one or two rodents have been sighted in the home.

Our bait stations come pre baited, and locked in sealed HDPE ( high density polyetholine ) boxes which are tamper proof, safe for children. We also offer metal bait stations if you are concerned for your pets.

When using our Pest control Kits, always place bait stations in safe and secure places around your home reducing any exposure to children and pets.

Example: Place bait stations under kitchen sinks, under kitchen units behind kick boards, in hot press, in attics.

If using in a garden with a pet animal, we suggest you only use the metal bait stations.

Give us a call or text us 087-4116000 about what is going on at your property, and we will give you price on which pest control kit will suit your home.

Pest control Kits ( Mice)

Pest Control Kits ( Rats)

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