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Pest control for bird control is a specialized area, as to carry this work, the pest company should have all the proper insurance. This work is dangerous, as there is alot of work done at height. If you get the wrong company in, without the insurance paper work, and there is an accident, you are liable.

We do this type of work, and we will have to provide all quotes on site, as the jobs will need to be detailed on how many window Bird spikes are need, does the apex of the roof need to be spiked, does the area need a high tech strobe light deterrent.

For all bird work, a copy of the pest companys insurance should be available and contain on the insurance paper work that working at height is covered.


Professional Bird Prevention Services  have over  25 years of knowledge and experience in the bird control industry and can employ a variety of techniques to eliminate your bird problems to provide a successful solution.


We are committed to health and safety; our technicians are safe pass trained, we are SAFECONTRACTOR trained and have an in-house Occupational Health and Safety advisor.


High-spec products

Our bird control systems are made to the highest specification, meeting ISO standards. We offer a complete design and installation service.


Proven track-record

Over 2 decades, we have worked on diverse projects nationally, all with their unique challenges. 

From train stations, stadiums, banks and breweries.  We have the skills and experience to undertake any project.

Professional Bird Net Installers

Bird netting is our most requested product for protecting structures against birds, and when installed correctly it is 100% succesful in keeping the selected pest birds away. We fully design and install bird netting systems using our own fully trained and experienced staff.

We can provide quotes for individual installations either from site plans and specifications or we can carry out site surveys. Our in house OHS accredited safety personnel can provide the relevant Risk Assessments and Method Statements.

Premier nets are;

- suitable for all structures

- virtually invisible when correctly installed

- totally weatherproof, rot proof, U.V. stabilised and chemically inert

- suitable for small area ledges to complete roofs and facades

- manufactured to size to reduce wastage

- available in flame retardent material


Bird Netting Principles

It all sounds quite simple but the installation of bird netting is considered to be a professional task and D.I.Y. installation should be carefully thought out as a single mistake can make the difference between success and failure of the system, and if access equipment is needed

The idea of bird netting is to provide an impenetrable barrier to the pest bird species, causing no harm to the birds displacing the population to other areas. This is achieved by first choosing the correct size of netting for the type of pest bird. A tensioned wire, either galvanised or stainless steel, is then installed around the periphery of the structure, with any additional cross wires being installed. The net is then fastened to the wires using hog rings.

Bird Spike Installation Services

Our bird spikes are a humane and effective deterent to the problems of birds roosting and nesting on ledges, signs, roofs, window cills, in fact any structure, they are used against Pigeons and Seagulls. We offer a full installation service.

Professional Bird Control Services

 The Birdwire system is for use against Pigeons and Seagulls in areas where their presence is considered to be a  light population, it is ideal for new buildings where birds have not yet started to roost and for roof ledges on glass fronted buildings to prevent bird droppings from fouling the facade. It is almost invisible from ground level and will give years of trouble free maintenance. We offer a full installation service



Specialist trained and licenced marksmen can carry out pigeon shoots where they have entered buildings.